Who will work on my property?

Uniformed professionals who are highly trained, respectful and dedicated.

Are you a licensed Landscaper?

Yes. Our license number: LH: 4536

What type of license do you have?

Horticulture License
Herbicide License

Are you insured?


What type of insurance do you have?

Commercial policy including General Liability Insurance & Workers Compensation

How do you schedule your clients?

Our clients our set on a weekly and or bi-weekly basis depending on the preference. Clients will be serviced on the same day of every week or every other week to show consistency and dependability.

What type of residential clients do you work for?

Any residential client with a re occurring schedule.

What type of return can I expect on my investment?

Satisfaction, enhanced curb appeal, added property value for landscaping jobs.

What is the best day to have my property maintained?

There is no best day. We always try to accommodate every client to the best of our ability if there is a preference on a specific day.

Do you catch or recycle the clippings?

We have equipment that can do so if requested.

I don't want my landscaping done on the weekends, Can you accommodate me?

Of course! We address clients needs and make it work no matter what the circumstance may be.

I'm having an event or party, can you pay special attention at my property?

Yes, if requested before hand we will be sure to have your property looking amazing for that special day/party.

How much water does my lawn need in the summer?

Watering is key for a healthy flush lawn. In the summer, your lawn will need a lot of water to exceed its potential. There are different spray patterns and durations for all seasons of the year and we are here to explain those time durations and implement them with our customers.

What size mowers do you use?

We have a fleet of mowers ranging from a 22 in deck to 60 in decks

At what height do you cut the lawn?

Customer's preference. As we like to keep all our lawns above 3.25 inches, some may like their yard shorter than others. This will also depend on the type of grass customer has.

Why is mowing at the right height and alternating patterns of cut so important?

The right height will ensure your lawn to stay green and full, this will also help with burning/scalping lawn.

Alternating your cut patterns is key, mowers can be very heavy. If you have the same lawn service for years and they continue to take the same route with mower cutting your yard overtime this will leave indentions and an uneven lawn.

How often do you sharpen your mower blades?

Weekly (every Friday or Saturday)

Do you provide shrub pruning?

Of course! Our team is trained in trimming all types of shrubs. From deadheading roses to trees to shrubs.

Do you provide commercial grounds maintenance service?

Yes. We maintain over 95 commercial properties in Lafayette and surrounding areas. This is including Apartment complexes, HOA's, hotels, churches and cemeteries, fast food restaurants, gas stations, and businesses.

What types of maintenance plans do you offer?

Depending on the number of trees and or preferences we offer

  • 26 cut schedule per year
  • 36 cut schedule per year
  • 38 cut schedule per year
  • 42 cut schedule per year
  • 44 cut schedule per year (most popular)
  • 52 cut schedule per year
  • And everything in between!